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I started a blog because…

I am quitting Facebook for a month :). Facebook free February.I hope to gather articles to help mothers who want to start Cloth diapering. Jenevieve is now 7 months and we have been cloth diapering for 6 months now. I love to sew and I hope to document some of my projects.

There are many reasons I cloth diaper. The Environment, The Savings $$, disposable diapers cause cracked skin, urinary tract infections and diaper rashes. Some of the chemicals in disposables are known carcinogens, that they are capable of disrupting the endocrine system and they can impair fertility. 😦 I have found out a lot more, its frightening.

I get happy about fluffy mail. I get happy every month that goes by that I don’t spend anything on diapers is awesome! ( there has only been 2 months but I am addicted to WAHM made diapers!) I hope mothers  out there can get educated and take a chance and try some of the cool diapering systems out there.


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